Pyramid Recording is a third party ISRC manager

Built in 1997, PRS has served artists and bands in Rock, Jazz, Folk, Blues, Funk, Hip Hop, Rap, Classical, Country, Alternative, Punk, and about every combination. In 1999 Pyramid began to use computer editing transferring audio from ADATs. Shortly after it made sense to use the Digital Audio Work Station.

Since analog tape remains superior to the ears of many, Pyramid uses the 2" 24 track for original productions, transferring the project to digital for editing, mixing, and mastering. This is the hybrid process of using old and modern technologies.

Pyramid today continues to assists artists in creating their music using newest technologies and a non-invasive production style giving artists just the right amount.

With respect to bands, recording songs piece by piece doesn't give the same sound and feel as live. Bands simply need to record together playing at once as much as possible. We record 24-tracks at a time able to accommodate large projects.

Still separation of audio is necessary and with the main studio, drum booth, an Iso booth, and the live room, the best of both worlds is easily achieveable.