THE BUILDING:Just off York Avenue, Avoca, the building is set back in the middle of the property far from traffic with ample parking. The studio is located on the left side downstairs with easy access. There are horses roaming behind fences giving it a rural environment.

INSIDE: The main studio is 25x25, isolation booth #1with drums to the left, to the right is the control room, isolation booth #2, live room with a baby grand, break room, and bath room. The area generally has carpeting to control acoustics and have a comfortable home appearance. The studio is very conducive to a relaxed atmosphere promoting creativity and performance

ISOLATION BOOTHS: The best recordings are by musicians playing together as a group (simultaneously). In addition, to get an overall balanced and great sound, there needs to be separation so frequencies are not overwhelming. Iso booths while not sound proof should greatly enhance separation while keeping a live feel. This includes separate headphone mixes and the ability to see each other if need be. 

CONTROL ROOM: The audio comes in to the mixer then the 24 track recorder / 24 channels of converters lightpipe to the computer. Monitoring is direct (zero lag). DAW is Steinberg due to its superior 32 bit process, ASIO drivers they created, fantastic plugins, and solid reliability.The 2"- 24 track tape machine offers superior to digital sound coupled with automation for perfected mixes to 1/2" master tape keeping it pure (out of the digital process). Going to digital for release retains the great tape sound with crisp highs and solid lo end. Everything blends together very nicely. If you want speed with the bells and whistles - it's digital. If you're looking for sound quality, tape is the way to go. If editing, pitch correction is desired, 24 tracks may be transferred to the computer keeping the sound with the ability to edit.